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Should Low Carb be High Fat or High Protein?

Executive Summary

* This week's note asks the question should low carb be high fat or high protein?

* Protein tends to be a fairly constant 15% of natural diets. If fat is restricted, carbohydrate increases as a proportion of the diet and vice versa.

* In his 2008 book "Trick and Treat", Dr Barry groves included a chapter entitled “Why low-carb diets must be high-fat, not high-protein.”

* Barry's arguments were summarised under “the case for getting energy from fat and ketones”: the fuel argument; the ketosis argument and the insulin argument. He added a fourth argument, under the heading “the case against getting energy from protein”, which was the chemical argument.

* Dr Ted Naiman presents the modern case for high protein – Drs Michael and Mary Eades and Dr Pierre Dukan have presented it previously. This note goes through Ted's book "The P:E Diet" and presents some of his key concepts.

* Barry and Ted can both be right, as they are approaching the question of what to eat from different angles – Barry from the best way to fuel and Ted from the best way to lose weight. I think that there is an alternative approach to both of these and I present it at the end.


A couple of weeks ago, I spotted two tweets from Andreas Eenfeldt, founder and CEO of the Keto diet site Diet Doctor. The tweets said (Ref 1):


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