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Does plant protein increase the odds of women being healthy agers?

Executive summary

* This week's note is about another paper from the Harvard factory. This one claimed that plant protein was associated with healthier aging in women under the age of 60 from the US Nurses' Health Study.

* There were 48,762 participants. Fewer than 8% were deemed to be healthy agers (defined as free from 11 chronic diseases, having no memory or physical function impairment and being in good mental health).

* The numbers in the characteristics table didn't add up. There was no clear healthy person (which was unusual) and other concerns.

* The data were presented in five groups, so that the top and bottom group could be compared. The paper instead used an invented 3% energy increment for the headline claims.

* It was claimed that women who consumed more protein were more likely to be healthy agers, and especially women who consumed more plant protein.

* Review of supplemental material revealed the main sources of plant protein were bread, fries, baked goods and cereal, while the main sources of total and animal protein were beef, chicken, fish/seafood, milk and cheese. The study claimed that the 'junk' helped while the real foods made little or no difference.

* That was not the only issue – I listed 10 with ease.


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