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Three revelations about statins

I posted last Monday’s note about National Cholesterol Month as a blog and it has already been shared more than any other blog I have written. It also attracted many blog comments, which fall into three main categories:

i) I had no idea that there was any alternative view on cholesterol and this has been enlightening.

ii) I had become aware that there is significant debate about cholesterol and I don’t like statins and this has reinforced my view.

iii) I’m on statins and I’d like to stop, but my doctor is scaring the life out of me that I will die of a heart attack if I do.

One of the most interesting blog comments was this one: “I had a heart attack 4 years ago, while on 40mgs of Atorvastatin per day. I am still taking those statins. Supposedly to protect me against a heart attack. BUT, they didn't do the job first time around. How can I rely on then now. I need to stop the statins, but I am a bit scared of taking this step against the advice of my doctor. Such a dilemma.”

Revelation 1

This blog comment was one of three revelations for me since last week’s note. It should have been obvious but I had never previously thought of this:


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