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Was it National Obesity week last week?

It's lovely to be back on home turf of obesity and what a week it was for people interested in this issue.

We woke up on Wednesday 28th May (2014) to the headlines "Weight Watchers available on the NHS". New NICE guidance for weight management had been published overnight. This will be the main subject of this note.

On Thursday 29th May a global review of levels of obesity was published in The Lancet. I was asked by The Guardian to do an opinion piece on this for "Comment is Free" so that was my Thursday afternoon sorted. Here's the piece.

Finally, The European Congress on Obesity held their annual conference in Sofia, Bulgaria from May 28th-31st. Fiona MacRae from the Daily Mail was there, probably among other journalists, but she was notably prolific. There were "sponsored satellites", whatever they are, by Nestle and Kellogg's. Is it too much to ask to have just one conflict free meeting, conference or committee nowadays?!


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