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GP’s paid to give us swine flu jabs

Doctors in Birmingham are getting £5.25 for every Swine flu jab they dish out. If they vaccinate more than 90% of those deemed at risk in their area, this goes up to £7.88 per person jabbed. (I have visions of Diabetics, asthmatics and older people being rounded up in shopping centres to get the extra money!) This is being done by the Heart of Birmingham Primary Health Care Trust, according to Pulse magazine.

At a time when NHS funds are as stretched as ever, why on earth are we incentivising doctors to pump drugs into people?! Either someone needs a flu jab or they don’t. If they need one, give one. If they don’t, don’t. Either way – don’t pay doctors to administer drugs!

Surely you don’t need to be a consultant to a health service to know that this is mad at every level?

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