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Pringles vs Kettle Chips

The ingredients in Pringles “Salt & Vinegar” are: Dehydrated potatoes, vegetable oil,  corn flour;  salt and vinegar flavour (barely malt vinegar flavouring, lactose, acidity regulators, sodium diacetate, tridsodium citrate, malic acid), wheat starch, maltodextrin; emulsifier: E471, salt, rice flour, dextrose.

The ingredients in unsalted Kettle Chips are: potatoes and sunflower oil.

If you’re going to have crisps – which ones will you choose?

3 thoughts on “Pringles vs Kettle Chips

  • The ‘plain’ version yes, what about the flavoured versions, they have more ingredients than that, are they ok? And Red Sky crisps look (and taste) very similar to Kettle.

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