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The HPCSA vs Professor Noakes – Part 3

This will be the final Monday note on this hearing until April 2017, when the verdict will be delivered. This note will conclude the case for the defence and some twists and turns that happened on the final day of the hearing (Wed 26th October) and two days after the close (Friday 28th October).

In last week’s note, we got to the end of Professor Tim Noakes’ (ProfTN) evidence and the circular arguments that went on for days of cross-examination. I finally got on the stand on Friday 21st October. I finished giving evidence Monday lunchtime and was then cross-examined until some time on Tuesday. Nina Teicholz was next and finished evidence and cross-examination on the same day leaving us one final day for Caryn Zinn to give evidence and be cross-examined and for one last ‘play’ by the defence...


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