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DASH vs very low carb – an RCT

Low carb

Executive Summary

* The results from a 16-week randomised controlled trial (RCT) have been published. The trial compared the DASH (Dietary Approach to Stop Hypertension) diet with a (genuinely) very low-carb diet in people with hypertension, prediabetes/type 2 diabetes and overweight/obesity.

* The trial sought to compare improvements in blood pressure, blood glucose levels and weight in the two diets. It also sought to evaluate if extra support made a difference to results.

* The very low-carb diet performed significantly better than the DASH diet for blood pressure, blood glucose levels and weight. For example, weight loss was nearly 9lb higher in the very low-carb diet participants.

* The extra support made no significant difference. However, the base level of support given to all participants was so high that the extra support had less chance to have an impact.

* This was my only criticism of the study – I would have tested the value of the base level of support rather than extra support.


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