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Carbs & cardiovascular disease

Executive Summary

* This week's paper was based on the UK Biobank population study. It examined data for 110,000 people, who were studied for an average of 9.4 years.

* It looked for associations between types of carbohydrates (all carbs, refined, wholegrain, fibre etc.) and cardiovascular disease (all CVD, heart disease and strokes).

* There were 63 possible results when 7 types of carbohydrate, 3 groups of intake and 3 measures of CVD were collated.

* 61 out of 63 results found nothing. There were 2 findings – both related to free sugars – which are known to be unhealthy.

* The researchers then cut the data in a different way. This produced a further 16 non-results out of 21.

* Of the 5 results, 2 were related to free sugars and confirmed the findings from the first method. The other 3 made no sense given the non-findings from the first method.

* I've written to the corresponding author seeking clarification.


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