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The Stellenbosch response

Let me tell you a story – one day during the first week of the Noakes hearing in Cape Town (17-26 October 2016), Advocate Mike van der Nest arrived looking uncharacteristically flustered (he is calm and charm personified!) He had managed to spill a cup of coffee all over his pristine white shirt. Tim’s lawyer, Adam Pike (@MisterPikester), didn’t bat an eyelid. He wandered over to the corner of the defence team’s breakout room and produced a brand new white shirt, which was, of course, Mike’s exact size and style.

At that moment I knew just how good the defence team was - the team could not be more, or better prepared. What could go wrong had been anticipated and an action plan put in place. It was seriously impressive. You’ll know why I’ve shared this little anecdote in a second...


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