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Fixing Dad

Andy and I have a rating system for films/programmes: the three Es. If something Entertains; Educates and Emotionally stimulates, it ticks all three E boxes. The documentary “Fixing Dad” ticks all three Es. The programme aired on BBC TV on Sunday 24th July 2016. UK based people will be able to see the programme here for 30 days from the date of airing.

“Fixing Dad” was made by sons Anthony and Ian Whitington about their dad Geoff. In November 2013, the sons realised that their dad’s health was so bad that they were facing an imminent future without him. Geoff was 62 years old and 20 stone. He had had type 2 diabetes for 10 years. He suffered atrial fibrillation and had an irregular heartbeat. His blood pressure was dangerously high (the figure of 200 for systolic blood pressure – the first number given – was mentioned at one point in the film). Geoff took handfuls of medications daily and was at serious risk of diabetic induced limb amputation and premature death. Geoff loved to eat – and we’re not talking quality food. He also worked long night shifts and his only exercise seemed to be shuffling round the office where he worked in the dead of night. There was not much that Geoff was doing right in health terms.


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