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How a hamburger on Friday can make you hungry on Monday

Another completely inaccurate article where scientists have shown, yet again, that they don’t know the difference between their macro nutrients (this is the collective term for carbs, fats and protein).

Researchers at the University of Texas claim to have shown that saturated fats trick the body into switching off the system that tells us how hungry we are and whether we’ve eaten enough. And how did they ‘prove’ this? By feeding mice and rats burgers, ice cream and chocolate. Burgers are primarily processed meat (which will have wheat and sugar and other rubbish in it) and, if the bun is included, the primary ingredient will likely be carbohydrate (white flour and more sugar). Ice cream and chocolate contain approximately twice as much carbohydrate than fat and the vast majority of this carbohydrate is sugar. (I don’t suppose for one minute that Mickey Mouse and Roland Rat got decent 85% cocoa chocolate!)

So any conclusions that these researchers may have reached may tell us something about rodents and junk food/carbohydrates and they certainly tell us bugger all about humans and real fat (saturated or otherwise).

You can only laugh or cry when you see these articles and I had to laugh when I saw the other ‘discovery’: “the fats found in olive oil were given a clean bill of health”. The main fat in olive oil is monounsaturated fat (73%), the secondary fat is saturated (14%) (surprised?!) and the third fat is poly unsaturated (11%). Essential Fatty Acids make up the remainder. So, saturated fat was given a clean bill of health in olive oil but it is the route of all evil elsewhere?

It is outrageous that people we look to for guidance are misleading us at best and lying to us at worst. Don’t get confused or worse scared by all these scandalous headlines. The only thing you need to hold on to is that nature knows best. Trust nature every time i.e. eat food in the form that nature delivers it and ignore the other nonsense.

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