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The Fat Packed Pizza

This Daily Mail article compares 6 high street pizzas (from Pizza Express to Pizza Hut) and you can tell the conclusion just from the title. I am nothing if not consistent – my messages about eating only real food and nature knows best etc may get boring, but they will never change.

As I have said elsewhere on blogs (see Junk Food Dummies 14.08.09, for example) we simply MUST start being more accurate when we are talking about macro nutrients – this is the collective term for fats, carbs and protein.

So, the article found that the pizzas all had between 9 and 14g of saturated fat in them – who cares? This is what the article should have concluded:

1) Pizza is primarily white flour i.e. a refined carbohydrate – if it is bad for us (and I do think that white flour is bad for us) – it is because of the refined carbs and not because of any natural foods that may be found in there. Any real cheese or real meat in the topping will be the healthiest part of the whole thing – believe me!

2) In every single example given, the saturated fat was less than half the total fat e.g. the Pizza Express pizza had 19.6g of fat and 9.4g of saturated fat. Do you know what this means? It means that UNsaturated fat – the monounsaturated fats, polyunsaturated fats and essential fatty acids, outweigh the saturated fat content in every single pizza! In our example, there are 10.2g of UNsaturated fat – the stuff that public health bodies want us to eat more of!

Please governments – keep law and order and provide emergency hospital service and decent education, but stop trying to tell us what to eat. Nature will deliver food in the way it should be eaten. If we eat real food, as found in our natural environment, and nothing processed, we don’t need to worry about salt, fat, cholesterol, or anything else that they are trying to scare us to death over – nature will deliver food in the form we should eat it. Trust Nature or the Food Standards Agency. Um, let me think!

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