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  1. avatar rod tucker says:

    Hi Zoe
    I have a copy of the paper by Crowe et al and your conclusions based on the abstract are pretty accurate. I’d like to add that the abstract doesn’t mention that the association between fruit and veg intake and IHD is NOT significant for men – even though more men died – must have forgotten to include that in the abstract. Also there is a small but significant reduction in risk associated with each portion increase but as the authors admit, the only randomised trial on this (the women’s health initiative) did not show a significient impact for each increase in portion increase. In other words, the significant association in the Crowe study was shot to flames by a real RCT. So much for epidemiology!
    Can send you a PDF of paper if you want.

  2. avatar Wati says:

    You are right about the 5 a day, but not so sure about carbs per se being bad, as in potato or sweet potato. The latter two are considered safe starches, as have written by the authors, Drs. Jaminet of The Perfect Health Diet. Even white rice is considered safe. It’s carbs that are in the form of wheat such as bread, pasta and the likes, and of course sugar and all other processed food that are bab and toxic. Potatoes are whole foods and they are safer and more nutritious than pasta or other wheat based products. Not all carbs are created equal. I think carbs have been given a bad rep due to the conventional low carb diets ala Atkins, Paleo and Primal.

    Thank you. I still enjoy reading your blog!

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