Carbs in dairy products

My brother, Adrian, was staying with us last week. He was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes as a teenager. He is finally taking the steps to move to a very low carb, low protein, high fat diet and is noticing the benefits with blood glucose levels and fluctuations already. However, he is also in that transition stage where energy can be impaired short term, as the body is used to getting easy energy from carbohydrate and it now has to work a bit harder to get energy from fat – dietary fat and/or body fat. He’ll get there...

His two girls have been with us too – one 8 and the other 11. They know about five-a-day and they think bread, pasta and rice are good for them. They have virtually no nutritional knowledge whatsoever. They don’t know what carbohydrate, protein and fat are. They don’t know where these macronutrients are found and as for micronutrients... They have been told that we need fruit and vegetables for vitamin C and that’s the only vitamin or mineral they seem to have heard of. It does make you wonder when and how people are supposed to learn about the most important thing in their life: food.


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