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  1. avatar Helena Wojtczak says:

    Is there no way that you/we can FORCE Dr Phil to substantiate the “facts” that he has told to millions of viewers? Surely this should be illegal or something — to go on TV and tell millions of people sheer bunkum, which they listen to because he is a doctor.

  2. avatar Marycalma says:

    I am so glad I did not watch this planned to but the baby put paid to it.

    Last Feb my weight was 16st 4 Ibs . I had high blood pressure stomach ulcers and was on hrt. I was addicted to diet coke which I knew. And I exercised most days for at least an hour

    . The first thing I did was stop the coke and all food that was in a tin or packet. I started exercising for 2 hours a day and cut portion sizes.. In August I was 14st so thought I had found the magic solution by November I was under 13 st went on a cruise and listened to a talk on food and nutrition . This guy was talking about what was in our food and how what we eat makes us fat. This was the gym professional . I booked a session with him because I was exercising more and more and not losing the weight without really starving myself. I was shocked when he told me more excercise would not help but to change my diet he gave me a list of food I should eat more off and food I should eat less off. He also gave me a wights routine I really did believe him do stuck to what I was doing. February 2013 a year after I started I was still just under 13st and finding it so hard to stick to my extreme diet. A friend of mine had also done the harcombe diet at the same time as me and it had worked for her . Funnily enough I got the book from her for a friend who I was trying to get to do something about her weight she could hardly walk. I started to read this book and a lot of what the cruise guy told be started to make sense I went on the diet with my friend to help her get started . Well today I am 11st 2 the weight I want to be not hungry stopped taking one of my blood pressure tablets not ulcer tablets needed . I have had my ups and downs with the bread and crisp addiction if I fall off the wagon go back to phase 1. Still do an hour on my wii fit everyday because I enjoy it not because I think it will help me lose weight. Now the biggest challenge is to keep the weight off.

    Oh and my friend 3st lighter more than she ever lost on weight watchers

  3. avatar George @ the High Fat hep C Diet says:

    Good writing Zoe, and that Dr is such a clown he deserves his own TV comedy show. Oh wait…

    I know a thing or two about liver disease, and if you want a culprit for NAFLD that’s probably linoleic acid (omega 6 PUFA), especially when used in cooking, but not only. Soy oil, corn oil, sunflower, safflower. Now that’s probably “good fat” to these fools.
    There does seem to be good cholesterol (that’s esterified cholesterol) and bad cholesterol (unesterified, or free). Linoleic acid increases the amount of free cholesterol in the liver (that’s why it lowers blood cholesterol – it’s packing it all into the cells). You can’t tell what’s happening from serum cholesterol. And this form of fatty liver disease (NAFLD) is a big risk factor for heart attacks. And diabetes. And if it turns to NASH can kill you by liver disease.
    Sugar doesn’t help, but linoleic acid plus total carbohydrate may be bigger risk factors; sugar is just a gate-way carb that gets people eating more carbohydrate, more often.

  4. avatar Mike says:

    Great job of ripping it up,as usual.How did this idiot get through med school?I have several bio chemistry and med textbooks,and I know better.

  5. avatar Steph says:

    Shame, I used to think Phil Hammond was good. Thanks for a great demolition job.

    BTW, in the old days, when I was a kid, we used to call it “sugar diabetes”. I wonder if anyone else remembers that. I guess it was a bit too descriptive to last…

  6. avatar Perry Poole says:

    Zoe, what a pleasure it is (always) to read your posts and how refreshing to see good sense, backing up with evidence, being presented.

    Why don’t these people ask you to provide a balanced discussion when they create these programmes? Could it be because you might actually change the nation’s perceptions on sensible eating?

    Please continue to share the knowledge!

  7. avatar Jane says:

    I think i’m glad I didn’t watch it, I would have been growling at the screen..as I do with so many other programmes!

  8. avatar JanC says:

    Please Zoe, send that article by letter and email to the programme producers and the head of programme planning at the BBC. It’s shocking that people are being told such inaccurate information about their health.

  9. avatar Adrian D says:

    Hi Zoe, an excellent review! Please do keep up your good work. In the last few weeks I’ve learned more from reading your blog/articles and reference documents than I could ever imagine. I’m about to challenge my GP who has prescribed 40mg daily Simvastatin for the rest of my days, due to my cholesterol level being “too high” at 6.8. The way you explain nutrition/dietary facts, along with the human biochemistry aspects, is marvellous.

    i’ve just purchased Dr Kendrick’s book and really am looking forward to reading it.

  10. avatar Stephen says:

    So Chrissy goes from uninformed to misinformed.
    My best advice would be to inform yourself and discover the truth.

    Thanks to you, Dr Kendrick and many others.

  11. avatar Lee says:

    Nicely critiqued LOL. I watched it thinking what a number you would be doing on it.

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