3 Responses to “The Academy of Medical Royal Colleges obesity initiative – Stephanie Seneff’s submission”

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  1. avatar John Roberts says:

    Agree with you Matt. As Barry Groves has written, the ‘extras’ in wholemeal bread prevent absorption of micro-nutrients. The difference in glycemic load between ‘evil’ white bread and ‘good’ wholemeal is insignificant.

    I would like to add to the 5 concrete steps- subsidies for animal producers who pasture their stock.

  2. avatar Matt says:

    I feel like every time the phrase “processed food” appears, there should be a parenthetical (including whole wheat bread and pasta). Our culture has been indoctrinated to see “whole wheat” as a healthy version of the refined version. Although the nutrients haven’t been stripped out (and so in some sense is “healthier”), overall they still have essentially the same metabolic effect, and I assume people in the general public would read something like this and assume that “processed food” does not include the “healthy whole wheat” counterparts.

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