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  1. avatar kat says:

    im sick because of apples. I havnt eaten apples in years and i started eating them again then niw i feel like an old fart. An apple a day does NOT keep the doctors away.

  2. avatar George Henderson says:

    The “apple a day” slogan was invented because apples had got a bad rap from prohibitionists because cider was huge at that time, and Carry Nation was cutting down apple trees.
    Whole apples (skin and flesh, but not juice) are one of the richest food sources of OPCs, the antioxidants also found in grape seed extract and pine bark, similar to green tea catechins. These are well-researched and support connective tissue, blood vessels, eyes and immunity. This is where I would look for any health benefits; for example,

  3. Jens, you are mis-informed. LCHF diets benefit both genders. If a person has T2D, they have a profound intolerance of carbs and must minimize them to avoid the consequences of hyperinsulinemia, hyperglycemia, reactive hypoglycemia and the need for meds and insulin. There are no conditions that necessitate eating fibre. IBD and Crohn’s both respond rapidly to a carb-restricted diet. Bowel movements are not a problem on a LCHF diet as long as one takes sufficient salt to replace that which is lost due to the natriuretic effect of the diet. It is not a high meat diet, it is a high fat diet and the fat doesn’t have to come from animal sources although these are fine if that is what one chooses. The prohibitions of dairy tend to come from the hard-core Paleo types, not from advocates of LCHF. Dairy fats can be part of a healthy LCHF diet.

  4. avatar Jens says:

    Ahh and another point. L/c Guru (mostly mail so happy to see a few female) fail to titrate the “dose” for females, exactly as their drug-prescribing colleagues whom they excoriate do. Women’s biochemistry is different. What’s sauce for the goose IS NOT sauce for the gander, and I would like ALL WOMEN reading Atkins/Westman/Cordain/ et al to keep that in mind. (Oh, and Barnard too while I’m naming names).

    Women are rarely included in drugs clinical trials, and are harmed by that, and now, we can be harmed by the assumptions made that we are JUST LIKE MEN when X diet is prescribed to us by internet docs.

  5. avatar Jens says:

    One of the things that really makes me turn away is when l/c diet
    pronouncements become something like a religious catechism. And
    one diet guru disagrees with the next. Eat dairy says one.
    Poison says another. How about we just say, eat in moderation, unless
    you are treating a diagnosed disease, when yes, it appears men with T2D
    may benefit from a ketogenic diet WHICH HOWEVER can still include some
    carbs. Other complaints I have: these diets are undoable for most of the
    population, who cannot afford meat, or whose culture doesn’t traditionally
    eat much meat if any, who live where the majority of produce has to be shipped
    thousands of mile in toxin-spewing trucks, and who have diseases which
    force them to eat fibre. Grain fibre, or take medications which would be
    much worse. Come to that, what are all the l/c meat eaters doing to keep their
    intestines working properly? No one mentions that. Are they taking laxatives?
    How would an apple be worse and more unhealthy than that? Just questions,
    you understand, because I don’t dispute that SOME MEN benefit from low-
    carb, as a therapeutic diet.

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