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What women really want is.. An hour glass like Nigella’s

Every woman loved this article! Apparently we don’t want to look like Posh Spice or Kate Moss – we want an hourglass figure like Nigella Lawson. Nigella topped the poll of the figure women most want for themselves and other real women (Kate Winslett, Holly Willoughby and Kirstie Allsopp) were also in the top 10.

Only 13% of women described themselves as hourglass, but 65% wanted to have this shape. For those of you who study “Dressing to look your best” for a living (as my friend Beth Price does), you will know that there are two hourglass shapes described on the full list. The full list of shape options that we women have are: full hourglass (Nigella); neat hourglass (Natalie Portman); triangle (used to be called pear – J-Lo); inverted triangle (Demi Moore); lean column (Tilda Swinton), rectangle (Rachel Hunter) and round (anything up to Dawn French!).

So, not only do women want an hourglass shape, we want the ‘full’ option. Way to go girls!

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