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  1. avatar J. Cameron says:

    I agree with Alar Aksberg that excessive intake of omega-6 fatty acids is the likely cause of reduced fertility in groups 3 and 4.

    A recent study found that total intake of PUFA increased from 2.6% of energy in 1909 to 8.0% of energy in 1999. The average intake of PUFA in groups 3 and 4 was 13.1% of energy compared to 9.7% in groups 1 and 2. Increased PUFA intake is due almost exclusively to increased intake of linoleic acid (LA) from vegetable oils, mainly soybean oil. Excessive intake of LA increases liver arachidonic acid (AA)content which increases risk of non-alcoholic fatty liver which in turn reduces testosterone and impairs fertility.

  2. avatar Alar Aksberg says:

    Another point, from the PUFA information is that Omega 6 FA are bad for you in excessive quantities. As good science shows, a common dietary intake has excess Omega 6 to Omega 3. And this inflammatory influence is what reduced the count in groups 3 and 4. For group 1, they just got too little SFA for good health.

  3. avatar labrat says:

    Not to mention that these are ALL normal sperm counts. There’s absolutely no clinical significance to the slight differences. A man with a 45 mil sperm count is just as fertile as a man with a 50 mil count. (As long as the sperm is functional.)

  4. Masterful – “If the period of abstinence tells us anything, a much more interesting headline could have been “Men who eat more saturated fat have sex more frequently!”
    That’s how I read it too. Men who eat more fat have more sex (and, alas, more STDs).
    In which case,. and taken with the other confounders, fat consumption in a lipophobic world is just a vague marker for general recklessness.

  5. avatar Lorraine says:

    Thank you Zoe. It’s interesting how many studies are not accurate or biased especially when scientists have pre-conceived ideas about the results. Just goes to show we have to question everything we read.

  6. avatar TDF says:

    Once again, Zoe, you’ve dissected another misleading study and headline–Well done, and thank you for all your hard work. It’s much appreciated :)

  7. avatar Andy Tindall says:

    As you point out Zoe, the “scientists” involved knew what they want to find, and did so eventually, after a little bit of fudging. I don’t know how they can sign their names to what passes for nutritional research.

    By the way, did you know that 99% of women that get pregnant watch TV? Switch off those TVs and avert a population explosion!

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