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  1. avatar Auriol Walker says:

    Hi Zoe – I am still reading your many web pages and have sent for your diet book as what you say makes so much sense and you are so well qualified. I appreciate all your comments on the massive money making organisation called Weight Watchers. I have used WW from time to time, but returned in February this year on the Pro Points plan and realised fully what an unhealthy approach to eating this is, personally gaining weight over a five week period instead of losing it – the meetings are crass and run by people who have less knowledge of nutrition than I do. I always watch my weight and never gain more than 10 to 14bs before dieting it off – so I am really interested in your plan to see if I can possibly keep it off for good this time!

  2. avatar cathy jones says:

    I agree with all you say about weight loss. I also joined WW when the Propoints was launched, the first time, I had ever joined a diet club. I also put weight on…..despite calorie counting and I was astounded at the free fruit principle. I have previously lost weight under my own direction – by cutting right back on carbs! but have always enjoyed my eggs and dairy and butter.

  3. avatar Gillian Griffin says:

    Why is the author so threatened by Weight Watchers? The plan has always been known as a buzz word for successful weight loss and maintenance of same. I agree with the author that weight watchers products are full of artificial ingredients but in all my time attending meetings at this organisation never has one of the leaders pushed these products on me. What the leaders do is promote healthy eating, promote variety in the diet, promote exercise and positive changes to your lifestyle. It works. The new Pro Points system works! I had lapsed in my diet for a number of years, naturally my old habits returned and had joined an alternative slimming club which did not count the amount you ate. I had some success with this club and then it tapered off. Why? It was too vague, there was no counting. Everyone knows that you need to eat healthily but very few people do. I would finally like to say that my diet is FAR healthier now since I started the propoints plan at weightwatcher. Also I would like to state that your article is fundamentally flawed as it has such a bias.

  4. avatar alan frew says:

    What a lot of reopen, and backhanded sniping in this article….no one will EVER tell me that eating fruit is a bad thing, you are talking nonsense….weightwatchers helped me lose 5 stone. I find the tone of your article most immature, and damaging to people.

  5. avatar Julie says:

    I joined weight watchers 4 weeks ago. I was immediately put off by products that they are selling they are full of rubbish and some are about the same number of calories as other supermarket brands (marinades for example). I’d previously seen a dietician so used that as a starting plan. I added to about 23 points. I was meant to have 35. As my points were not getting high enough “to sustain life”(WW leader) I was told to try eating less fruit & veg so I can eat more things worth points. My vegie & lentil soup (2pts) had the cal of approx 3 tim tams (6pts). “But it has calories” I said. “But it doesn’t have pro-points” was the response. I know which one is better for me.
    It was also recommended I don’t cut out sweet treats as I won’t stick to the diet. “Skinny cow ice-creams are only 4 pts”. Yeah, read the label – they are not real food!
    I have now realized I have a shocking sugar addiction which I’m only going to beat by going cold turkey. Day 3 of Phase 1 THC. It’s killing me, but I want to get back in control.

  6. avatar Mary says:

    Hi Zoe….just came across this diet today and really excited about starting it tomorrow esp cos phase 1 is 5 days and u can also have porridge or rice….I’ve tried Atkins but always cave into a bit of chocolate after 5 days (saying that I always lose 5 or 6 lbs in those 5 days) but urs is less restrictive. Exciting that on this one I can have some dark choc or red wine after 5 days as these are 2 of my vices.. And u only need a tiny bit of dark choc as no sugar leads to no more craving. All of ur advice is spot on. Calorie and points counting is just nonsense. Exercise is important too but fair play to you for not having to do it….as any sports advisor or nutritionist has said to me…it’s 20 % exercise and 80% watching what u put in ur gob!! And also I don’t think ur being rude to anyone on this, just pointing out the vast amount of experience and research u have. If u really wanted to make profit from this I am sure u would be a millionaire by now…maybe in time, maybe u are already ;) but I totally agree that u are getting satisfaction from helping the obesity and diabetes problems more than being loaded. Cheers, Mary :)

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