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Slide 5 – The Obesity Epidemic in the UK1

Slide 6 – The Obesity Epidemic in the US2

Slide 7 – What happened c. 19803-6

Slide 8 – What happened c. 19806, 7

Slide 9 – Why did we change dietary advice?8-11

Slide 10 – Why did we change dietary advice?12

Slide 11 – Why did we change dietary advice?9, 13-16

Slide 12 – The case against fat17-22

Slide 14 – The case against fat6, 23, 24

Slide 15 – What did we change to?[i]

Slide 16 – What are we eating?

–           1,556 processed food calories25[ii]

–           Flour consumption[iii]

–           Sugar consumption[iv]

–           Foods that have gone down and up26

Slide 17 – The 192 countries study[v]

Slide 21 – Saturated fat & CVD in Europe27

Slides 25-28 – USDA Database[vi]

Slide 30 – Obstacles to change28, 29

Slide 31 – American Dietitians conflicts30

Slide 32 – British Nutrition Foundation31

Slide 33 – Nordic Congress for Dietitians32


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