Gareth Wyn Jones chats with Zoë about modern farming


Gareth Wyn Jones is a heritage hill farmer and a modern social media communicator. He was born in the beautiful Carneddau mountains in North Wales, where he still lives and works. His family have been farming at Ty’n Llwyfan for over 370 years and he hopes to pass on the tradition to his next generation. The farm hosts 3,500 sheep and 300 cattle in a regenerative farming environment.

Gareth is an active campaigner to protect the Carneddau Mountain Ponies – a rare and beautiful native breed that have been roaming his local hills since Celtic times.

Gareth features regularly on mainstream television and is often interviewed for media topics on food and farming. Notably he appeared on the BBC Programme “The Family Farm.” He is the author of a bestselling book, “The Hill Farmer.” He also became known as “the tweeting farmer”, although now, more accurately, he might be called “the youtube farmer.” He has 1.5 million youtube followers and his video on “Quick & easy sheep and lamb sorting” has nearly 600 million views.

In his social media activity, Gareth is constantly trying to educate the public about sustainable / seasonal food, farming, its heritage, time honoured traditions and its challenges.

Gareth is also a father of three and husband to Rhian.


In a lively hour, Gareth and I discuss all things farming from BAFTA nominations, supermarket power, fair prices for produce, diversification, the weather, the ‘Beast from the East’, to Brian May, badgers and, of course, Clarkson’s Farm.

We end with thoughts about what we listeners and consumers can do to help farmers because, without them, we don’t get to eat anything. More people need to remember that more of the time!

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