Rufus Greenbaum talks about Vitamin D

Show Notes:

Rufus Greenbaum retired from a career in electronics in 2006, having worked for Intel and Motorola.
Aged 65, his health was not good and he started to take an interest in "How to Live Longer", with the goal of living to 100 with both his body and his mind fully functional and active.

In 2008/2009 Rufus realised that UK government advice about vitamin D was not just poor, but "wrong." He researched extensively on the topic finding experts in the field. This research included attending meetings of government expert committees, such as the Food Standards Agency and the Scientific Advisory Committee on Nutrition ( SACN ).

Rufus has been active in trying to influence public policy. In 2009, he wrote a nine-page letter to the chairman of SACN asking them to review their advice about Vitamin D (letter available at In 2010 and 2011, he organised four medical conferences about Vitamin D at the Wellcome Trust, which are available on YouTube ( In 2020, he wrote to many of the government experts and advisors and also Members of Parliament, about how to increase our “natural immunity” to COVID-19.

In 2015, Rufus started an online business selling Vitamins (, which he sold in 2022.

He has now retired a second time and considers himself a Citizen Scientist, still actively learning and educating and evangelising by publishing a blog entitled

What we cover
In this hour’s chat, we explore the following:
Who are you? How did you get into this? Why vitamin D?
What does vitamin D do?
What conditions does it help with?
What were you thinking when Covid was announced? What part could vit D have played? (In this part we discuss the sad fact that outcomes for people with Covid were measurably worse for people with darker skin and lower vitamin D levels and that those facts combined tell us something).
What are the three things that we should be doing to live longer/optimise our healthy years? (This adds essential fatty acids into the discussion, and we mention Patrick Holford’s work).
What should our vitamin D levels be? How can we test our levels?
How bad are levels in the general population?
How much should people take? Should my husband (13 stone/6 foot) take the same as me (7.7 stone, 5'2")?
You've got two key facts about vit D – what are they?
How can we find out more? Get ourselves tested?

Websites promised in show notes: – the evidence and information web site (Rufus suggested look up “shadow rule”). – the conferences that Rufus organised. – the discussion we had on omega-3 and omega-6. – Patrick Holford’s work. – GrassrootsHealth is a charity dedicated to promoting optimal health worldwide through research, education, and advocacy, with a primary focus on the role of vitamin D. – to find a therapist who can help you. – the business that Rufus sold. – Dr Nina Jablonski Ted talk on climate and skin colour. – the testing company Rufus mentioned (there will be others). – book “Transcend” by Ray Kurzweil & Terry Grossman. – book by Patrick Holford & Jerome Burne. – Kaufman et al. SARS-CoV-2 positivity rates associated with circulating 25-hydroxyvitamin D levels. PloS One. Sept 2020. The study of 190,000 people mentioned by Rufus. - reversing heart disease – Joel Kahn.

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