PHC 2018

Here are the references for my presentation at the PHC conference in London May 19th 2018. Much of the original work comes from my book “The Obesity Epidemic: What caused it? How can we stop it? (2010)”:


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Ref 5:

(PHC 2016 Presentation – where I showed 1lb does not equal 3,500 calories, is here.)

Ref  6: All correspondence details in “The Obesity Epidemic: What caused it? How can we stop it?” Harcombe. Z. Published by: Columbus Publishing. (2010)

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Ref 14: The Endemol programme Larger than Life: 33,000 calories a day, first aired on 13 December 2009, was a documentary about four morbidly obese people – Paul, Larry, Lisa and Jacqui. A couple of clips can be seen here and here (the quotation used in my presentation comes from the second clip at 2 mins 50 seconds in).

Ref 15: Lean MEJ, Leslie WS, Barnes AC, et al. Primary care-led weight management for remission of type 2 diabetes (DiRECT): an open-label, cluster-randomised trial. The Lancet 2017.

Ref 16: This FAO document is also useful for the TEE section.

Ref 17: Gordon Wardlaw, Smith. A. Contemporary Nutrition. Seventh edition ed: McGraw Hill, 2009.

Ref 18: Any on-line calories burned calculator can be used. I used this one.

Ref 19: Dr Michael Eades’ presentation will be on open view soon. Meanwhile, here are two excellent posts on the presentation: and

Ref 20: