Farmers Factsheets

These resources are available for you to download and freely use. They were prepared for a presentation I gave to Welsh Farmers and members of The Women’s Institute on 26th October 2011.

Factsheet 1 – Summary notes from the presentation. The presentation was called “Facts about food to help farmers fight back”. It had 10 facts of interest to people supplying real food. The summary of the points in the presentation is here: The Presentation

Factsheet 2 – People say that meat is full of saturated fat. It is not. It is not even the main fat in virtually every meat on the planet. What’s the exception and how much fat is there in our most nutritious food group? Composition of meat & eggs

Factsheet 3 – This one is about micro nutrients – vitamins & minerals. Where do we find vitamin A, B12, iron, zinc and all the other vital nutrients? How does flour compare to meat for nutrition? Or fish vs eggs? Nutrients in foods

Factsheet 4 – This is just a one page with other links to other blogs and presentations that may be of interest: Other information

Additional downloads following meeting on 10 July 2012
How so Statins really work? you can download a pdf document here…

A calorie is not a calorie – The Ms Nature v Ms ‘Eatbadly’ comparison. The video can be viewed here..