These are the references for my presentation for CrossFit DDC at CrossFit HQ in February 2020:

Most images are screen grabs from the Game Changers movie (Netflix)

Slide 2: Why is Titanic the most watched movie of all time? (2017 post – it has since been overtaken).

Slide 5: I covered this leaflet in great detail, as it presented the main ‘evidence’ for plant-based diets, in two posts here and here.

Slide 6: Fraser. Vegetarian diets: what do we know of their effects on common chronic diseases? AJCN. (2009).

Slide 13: The Brian Sanders debunk is here.

Slide 17: The 400m rankings for the 2016 period are here.

Slide 23: Ornish. Intensive Lifestyle Changes for Reversal of Coronary Heart Disease. JAMA (1998).

Slide 26: Ross & Fahey. Bilateral femoral supracondylar stress fractures in a cross country runner. Orthopedics. (2008).

Slide 27: Vegan diet & performance:

1) Boldt et al. Quality of life of female and male vegetarian and vegan endurance runners compared to omnivores – results from the NURMI study (step 2). J Int Soc Sports Nutr. (2018).
2) Rogerson. Vegan diets: practical advice for athletes and exercisers. J Int Soc Sports Nutr. (2017).
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4) Fuhrman & Ferreri. Fueling the vegetarian (vegan) athlete. Curr Sports Med Rep. 2010.
5) Carter et al. Preeclampsia and reproductive performance in a community of vegans. South Med J. (1987).

Slide 28: Vegan diet & athlete/athletic:

1) Nebl et al. Exercise capacity of vegan, lacto ovo-vegetarian and omnivorous recreational runners. J Int Soc Sports Nutr. (2019).
2) Wirnitzer et al. Health Status of Female and Male Vegetarian and Vegan Endurance Runners Compared to Omnivores-Results from the NURMI Study (Step 2). Nutrients. (2018).
3) Rogerson (as above)
4) Fuhrman & Ferreri (as above)

Slide 30: This National Food Strategy article explains the essential nutrients we need and where we get them from.

Slides 31-33: The Daily Dozen.

Slide 43: Fischer & Lamey. Field Deaths in Plant Agriculture.  Journal of Agricultural Environmental Ethics. (2018).

Slide 44: Landscape picture came from Countrysideonline.

The Vegetarian Myth. Lierre Keith. My blog on this brilliant book.

Slide 46: The Game Changers on Netflix.