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Recent learnings about blood pressure & meds

Executive summary

* This week's note shares my recent learnings, which came from helping a friend to better understand blood pressure (BP) and medications for high blood pressure.

* The note explains the terms relevant to this subject area: systolic blood pressure (SBP); diastolic blood pressure (DBP); pulse pressure; Angiotensin-converting enzymes (ACE) inhibitors; and Angiotensin II (AT II) receptor blockers (ARBs).

* My research led me to a Cochrane review on the efficacy of ACE inhibitors, which was surprising and interesting. One key finding was about dose and BP lowering (a higher dose does not translate into equivalent greater lowering). Another key finding was the average amount by which BP meds lower BP – spoiler alert – not by as much as I thought.

* My research also led me to national clinical guidelines for testing (which doctors don’t appear to be following), the difference between home and clinic testing, and the difference between wrist and arm cuff testing. I hope you enjoy any discoveries as much as I did.


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