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HRT & Breast Cancer

On 22nd August 2016, women woke up to the headline: “British study finds risk of breast cancer nearly tripled by combined HRT”. The study was conducted by the Institute of Cancer Research and their statement about the study can be seen here. The original journal article can be seen (in full) here.

This was a troubling headline for most women – some will be too young to think about the menopause, but most think ahead, some will be in the middle of it and some will have taken HRT during their menopause and may worry about what it may have done. The headlines will also have troubled some men. I’ve spoken to a number of men who find the menopausal woman in their life (wife, partner, mother, daughter, sister etc) copes better getting some help during this time of turmoil.

Anyone who knows me will know I’m generally not a fan of drugs and I generally find benefits exaggerated and side-effects underplayed. I have no reason whatsoever to write anything in support of HRT but bad science is bad science and misleading headlines need dissecting – whatever they’re about...


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