World Milk Day

Since 2001, the 1st of June has been World Milk Day. I’ve never noticed it before. The joy of twitter is that things like this trend and then we become aware of them. The day is organised and promoted by the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations (FAO). The date was chosen because a number of countries were apparently celebrating a National Milk Day of some sorts around this date, so the FAO has provided leadership to join the events together.

The purpose of World Milk Day is simply to focus attention on milk and to promote milk and the milk industry. After the turmoil suffered by the UK milk industry in recent months, this day probably couldn’t have come soon enough. For much of the past year, UK milk farmers have been struggling to make money with milk being used as a loss leader in many supermarkets.

I thought we could join in the celebrations, albeit a few days after the event, by noting some interesting things about milk:


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