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The Capetown LCHF Conference

I don’t know where to start to report on last week’s conference. It was one of the best weeks of my life. From 7am to midnight, for 6 consecutive days, I was with my heroes: Gary Taubes (only there for 48 hours); Dr Michael Eades and his doctor wife Mary; Andreas Eenfeldt – the Scandinavian “Diet Doctor”; Professor Tim Noakes; Dr Stephen Phinney (over 60 journal articles on diet, exercise, fatty acids and inflammation ) and Dr Eric Westman (a global leader in ketogenic diets and preventative medicine).

I then acquired new heroes: Dr Gary Fettke – a cancer survivor who is best known for diagnosing Billy Connolly’s Parkinsons Disease when they met in a hotel foyer in Los Angeles! Dr Jay Wortman, who manages his own type 2 diabetes with a LCHF diet and now that of hundreds of patients too and, one of the great finds of the week: Dr Jason Fung, who is my height and turning the diabetes world upside down.


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