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Coffee helps beat diabetes? Really? How?

Back from Lanzarote where the cuisine is remarkably similar to that of The Mediterranean: lots of meat (mostly red); fish; cheese; vegetables and fruit for real food options and then plenty of white grains - risotto, pasta and bread for those who need fattening up :-)

The two papers that were printed in Lanzarote were The Express and The Sun. The Express front page on Friday 25th April (2014) was "Coffee helps beat diabetes", which was total nonsense. The online headline was only slightly better with "Drinking coffee every day can slash risk of diabetes by over a third".

The first headline implied that coffee can overcome diabetes, from which someone is already suffering. The second headline will make people think that they will be dramatically less likely to develop diabetes if they drink coffee. I really wonder how people can print this stuff without thinking - that doesn't sound right, because it doesn't sound right and it isn't right...


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