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WeightWatchers Rich Toffee Bars

In November 2012 Patsy Kensit was revealed as a new promoter of WeightWatchers®. In the January 8th issue of OK magazine we learned that Patsy used to eat chocolate and now eats WeightWatchers® Rich Toffee Bars.

If Patsy had previously eaten what I call chocolate – 85% or 90% cocoa content sumptuous dark chocolate – she would have been enjoying the health benefits of cocoa powder – rich in copper, iron, magnesium, manganese and zinc. She was probably eating what I call confectionery. Here are the ingredients for Cadbury Dairy Milk: Milk; Sugar; Cocoa butter; Cocoa mass; Vegetable fat; Emulsifiers (E442, E476); Flavourings.

I’ve seen worse products than that. Talking of which…

This is what Patsy has switched to…

WeightWatchers Rich Toffee Bars

And so, instead of eating mostly cocoa or mostly milk, sugar and cocoa, Patsy is eating the following concoction…

Number one ingredient “Bulking agent” otherwise known as polydextrose – poly meaning many and dextrose meaning sugars. The technical description of polydextrose is an indigestible synthetic polymer of glucose. Nice!

WeightWatchers Rich Toffee Bars Ingredients


Then we have more sugar – listed as sugar, more sugar, more sugar, sweetened condensed milk, invert sugar syrup and honey.

We have things that break down into sugars – listed as cereals, rice flour, wheat flour, malted barley flour.

While polydextrose is an indigestible synthetic polymer of glucose, we have whey powder, which is a mixture of globular proteins isolated from whey, the liquid material created as a by-product of cheese production. We also have humectant – a hygroscopic substance used to help a product retain water. That polyfiller, sorry polydextrose, probably needs a bit of flushing through.

We have soy(a) derivatives – Patsy’s had all the children she wants yes?! Google soy(a) and fertility and decide for yourself if you think consuming a form of oestrogen is a good idea (think “The Pill”). Soy(a) is promoted as helpful with the menopause for the oestrogen it provides. I have seen no evidence for this, but the PR department can’t have it both ways – it can’t be good for both the menopause and conception.

And finally mono and di glycerides of fatty acids.

My mouth is watering!

Come on Patsy – you’re a bright girl – be a role model for real food, not the ultimate makers of fake food in the name of diets.


11 thoughts on “WeightWatchers Rich Toffee Bars

  • WHat is your stance on stevia liquid drops with nothing added? I have to take 2 tsp of powdered vitamin c 2x day, and without the stevia to sweeten it a bit, it’s way too tart. Is there a better alternative? I know this doesn’t have anything to do with the blog at hand, but the blog spurred the question.

  • Kensit should be ashamed. The things some people do for money!

  • Actually I think these rich toffee bars are delicious BUT they give me terrible gas. I’ve been trying to find out which ingredient. Maybe the polydextrose

  • George… sadly I no longer consider that Former Icon CADBURY a ‘decent brand’…. now that they are owned by foreigners….. and have changed their formulations, it tastes awful compared to say LINDT 85%… or even Whitakers 72%. Down Under (here) in Tasmania we have a Cadbury Factory – just outside of Hobart. When they sold out to overseas interests, all formulations were changed. Our smaller stores (some of them) used to sell White or dark chocolate buttons, which local people (some) bought for use in cooking…..

    After the formula change which WE the public were not told about, the buttons started to burn if you tried to melt them in the microwave… which we had always been able to do previously….. and they taste YUCK…..

    Of course I no longer use them in cooking. I only allow myself a one inch square of the 85% daily as a medicinal treat :-)

    Just MEinT

  • I saw a study a while back where even the consumption of milky (white) chocolate was associated with health benefits. I reckon it’s the cocoa butter. These chocolates may be high in sugar, but if a decent brand (like Cadburys or Whittakers) still supply more energy from cocoa butter than from carbohydrate, and the fat plus protein matrix will slow the digestion of the sugar.

    Whereas those Weight Watchers things are simply hideous.

  • I should like to thank Patsy for eating these bars, It means a few less to be tempted by and tempt is what the advertising is trying to do

  • Somehow people have become convinced that eating indigestible stuff is good – the usual excuses are that it fills you up without being metabolised, and makes you crap more. Not sure why, but these reasons exemplify why I wouldn’t want to consume indigestible stuff.

  • Since I’ve been on your diet, Zoe, I have had no cravings at all for rubbish food.

    In fact, I have lettuce three times a day with my meals and find I’m really disappointed if I can’t have it. Have I developed a craving for lettuce?

    I hope Patsy gets to read your article if she’s serious about losing weight and more importantly, keeping her health.

  • Nice bit of descriptive writing, ma’am,– erm,- sir.

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