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Lunch boxes with as much sugar as 10 doughnuts

This was widely reported in the UK Media on 16 November:

A “Which” Consumer survey found that a child’s lunchbox could contain as much sugar as 10 doughnuts. A packed lunch with 5 items including cheese, biscuits and fruit juice, contained 60g of sugar. This equates to 12 teaspoons making the lunch as sugary as 10 McDonald’s Sugar Donuts or nearly a pint of coca-cola.

One of the worst products was the Robinson’s Fruit Shoot Orange Juice with 23g of sugar per 200ml bottle.

The various offending companies had spokespeople put up a defence:

Robinsons said it makes a low sugar version and the labels contain clear information so that parents can make an informed choice.

Nestle said its Munch Bunch (low in fruit and 2 teaspoons of sugar in a small pot) was high in sugar and protein and its packaging was clearly labelled.

Kellog’s said its Frosties cereal bars are a low-fat alternative to chocolate.

Isn’t there legislation for crimes against children? Can there be any defence for putting company profits before the health of our children?

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