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Dying to lose a stone

This was a really well researched article by Lorraine Fisher on everything from diet pills to liposuction – trying to answer the question – why do bright, successful women risk their lives to drop a dress size?

Tragically we all know the answer – we want to be slim more than we want anything else in the world (surveys say), so we will take extraordinary risks to try to achieve this.

Lorraine made some really good points – we would never buy headaches tablets from the internet, without being sure that they were genuine, and yet we would take slimming tablets all too easily. There were numerous examples of women ruining their lives in the pursuit of slimness – trying to survive on next to no calories, only to eat everything they could get their hands on soon after.

Remember Colin Hendry’s wife who died at just 42 following complications resulting from liposuction. She was a beautiful size 12 with 4 beautiful children, before the needless surgery, and she is now dead and the children have no mother. This is beyond tragic.

The only bit I didn’t agree with was Lorraine’s ending where she said that people who had joined weight watchers were the fortunate ones, who “appeared not to have done any harm to themselves.” If Lorraine could see my clients – most of whom pinpoint the day that they joined weight watchers and/or started calorie counting as the day that their weigh problem started. You eat less and then want to eat more and do less at the same time. You then get to the point where your metabolism has slowed so much that you stabilise at 1000-1200 calories a day and put on weight at a level that used to lose you weight.

The body’s job description is to keep you alive, so let it do its job to the best of its ability by giving it wonderfully nutritious, healthy food, three times a day, in nourishing quantities and it will stop fighting you, storing fat and highly likely to end up slim!

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