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The junk food divide

This was an interesting article in the Daily Mail on the North-South divide, when it comes to shopping baskets.

mysupermarket.co.uk have surveyed 250,000 grocery orders to see what is going in the shopping baskets in different parts of the UK. They found the following:
– Shoppers in the North East spend 22% less on fruit & veg than those in London and the South East;
– Shoppers in the North East spend 23% more on crisps & snacks than those in London and the South East.
Interesting that a study published in the same week estimated men living in the SE had a 71% chance of living to age 75, vs a 63% chance for men in the NE living to the same age.

There was the usual helpful Daily Mail graph of the UK in the article – showing the annual spend on fruit and veg by region:
– Scotland and the NE were lowest at £400-£419 p.a.
– Wales and the NW were next worst at £420-£439 p.a.
– Yorkshire and the Midlands were at £440-£459 p.a.
– The SW spend was at £460-£479 p.a.
– East Anglia and the South of England were second with an annual average spend of £480-£499 on fruit & veg and
– London & the SE was top with £500 plus.

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