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  1. avatar Jeff Mcgriff says:

    While I’m more of an advocate of honey than I am sugar, I agree with most of the article, because simply, at the end of the day only a few things really matter for a diet. 1) You’re eating the right things and 2) You’re eating enough of the right things.

    I have been substituting honey instead of sugar every time I “diet” and I’ve lost an accumulation of 60 pounds. When I say I substitute honey instead of sugar, that doesn’t mean that I’m recreating a snickers bar with honey in it. It means that I make my own salad dressings and allow myself a tsp of sugar to round out the vinegar. Sometimes if I’m really craving something sweet I’ll put some honey on an apple. (not every day)

    I also see substantial benefits using local honey that has a positive affect on my seasonal allergies. (meaning I don’t suffer as bad, if at all). Its imperative in a diet that you have a good solid meal plan down, honey should be a garnish if used at all, and does have benefits over granulated sugar. I say – let them eat honey. Just… maybe a lot less honey than this diet requests.

  2. avatar Dorrie says:

    I have found that taking the recommended 2 teaspoons of honey just before going to bed at night has killed my sweet tooth stone dead.
    I was always one for tucking into box of chocs and unless stopped would eat the lot. Or half a pound of toffees or – my absolute favourite – American hard gums.
    Even tho’ there is a dish of sweets on the side board, it never crosses my mind now to have even one.
    In that respect, honey has been a gift to me.

  3. avatar Narri Balsara says:

    I have very very pure Honey removed with my own hands. I take two large spoon of honey with milk 200ml. but feel more heavy. Can any one sugest me?

  4. avatar Steph Walsh says:

    I find it funny to read comments people put underneath….One man put…”honey is a super food which make you a super idiot” ………people are very quick to defend things they’ve been fed on packets of food, media, gyms and fads but are equally very quick to lash out at people who have all the information and studies to say otherwise….Why? If your going to argue a point make sure you have the information behind you..instead of just lashing out with things you THINK you know…

    Zoe myself and my dad have been a massive fan of yours for years now.. he also met you at one of your events. Thank you for educating us, I think what you do is brilliant.

  5. avatar Hai says:

    Hi All – This is a very interested article as its give the reader the Negative view on Honey. However, i’d like to share my own experienced with Honey for the last 4 days and lost 3kg. My aim was not to loose weight but to do the colon cleansing by taking Honey + Lemon + water mixture. I mixed them up to my taste not too sour and too sweet and drink lot of water as well daily. And have a teaspoon of Honey for Breaskfast, Lunch and Dinner, My total daily intake of Honey around 200g -250g. I don’t eat or drink anything else apart from Honey, Lemon and Water. At the end of day number 4 i lost 3 kg, but to my surprise that i don’t feel weak or craving for food after day number 3. I am still hit the Gyms in the morning doing Cardio and Weight. I am feeling very energetic and refresh. I am not sure the rapid weight lost would cause any harm to my body, but my aim is just to do this for 12 to 14 days only….

  6. avatar debbie f says:

    Hi Zoe – you speak such a lot of sense on so many topics and I’ve featured you in my health blog. BUT whilst the analysis you present of honey as a sugar is essentially true, you really need to get up to date on the latest findings about the value of honey in a curative sense, especially Manuka (from the tea tree plant which as you know is nature’s anti-microbial/anti-septic). There are ,ore and more findings – perhaps you could add a little at the bottom of this blog to make it more representative of the general truth about honey? Otherwise by completely demonizing it, sadly it makes you sound a little like the ill-informed twin doctors (god help us they keep using them as guests on TV shows!).
    If you refuse to, that’s ok, your diet books obviously don’t call for the use of honey as a sugar. But it’d be nice to read an update once you’ve taken a more unbiased view including the latest science about manuka etc. Sure, don’t gorge on honey and in this ‘diet’ maybe it doesnt make sense to you. BUT adding an addendum would make it even more palatable, excuse the pun!
    ps I’ve cured everything from my dog’s ear infection to sore throats to wounds that wouldn’t heal and whilst I abhor sugar, it’s the one exception for healing purposes. Even if we can’t ‘explain’ it, it works.

    • avatar Zoë says:

      Hi Debbie – I was a board governor at Cardiff Metropolitan University for 6 years and they did some great stuff on the anti-bacterial properties of honey. If this diet were saying “apply honey to wounds” it would get no argument from me! However – it’s saying eat honey and add it to foods and have it before bed and so on. This is what I challenged and I stand by every word :-)
      Best wishes – Zoe

      • avatar denis hartman says:

        well zoe im writing from sydney australia..im 70 yrs of age…30 yrs ago i was diagnosed with serious arthritis..ankles neck shoulders..an apiarist i met told me to substitute honey where i normally used sugar..it took 4 months for the discomfort to ease BUT ive hardly ever had the problem since then//30yrs ago..and since then i consume honey every day..ok that..according to you is not impressive but i did have to drink the honey not rub it on the affected joints..i have medical checks yearly..have done for any years and i never get a negative test result for things like colesterol..the doctors always comment by saying “dont know what your doing but keep it up”..you see i dont even bother to tell a g.p.about honey because that product is not in their interest..is it..they cant write a prescription for it and therefore the local chemist doesnt benefit either..you ridicule yourself..you agree”great stuff on anti-bacterial properties”well if thats so why wouldnt the anti-biotic properties be beneficial when taken orally??internally…thx denis hartman….p.s and with respect you should open your mind a little..bees are one of natures most amazing creatures…go and learn more

  7. avatar The Healthy Epicurean says:

    I think I have my answer. You seem to systematically trash any other weight loss book as a matter of course, which is a shame because in doing so, you’re undermining your convictions by appearing threatened by competition. I’m the first person to criticise the plethora of useless weight loss plans to appear, although yours makes good sense and works long-term. The Honey Diet makes good sense too and since taking a spoonful of honey at night, although I wasn’t looking to lose weight, just sleep better, I have lost 2cm from my waist.

  8. avatar The Healthy Epicurean says:

    Why is it that, while trashing this highly-researched, agenda-free book that is full of good science, you repeatedly refer to calories? I thought that you were an advocate of ‘forgetting calories ever existed’. Also, you are wrong to undermine the nutrional value of good quality raw honey, which is full of, not only vitamins and minerals, but also amino acids and enzymes.

    One wonders why exactly you are so damning of this diet?

  9. avatar George @ the High Fat hep C Diet says:

    This could be called the bait-and-switch low carb/sort-of-paleo diet. If it doesn’t work, all you have to do is cut the honey.
    There’s a honey paradox or two.
    Honey is Paleo, no doubt about that, but it should probably still have larvae and wax in it.
    Honey is an animal food. It’s the only mainly carb animal food. Vegans don’t eat it. It’s also the only refined food that’s made by another species.

  10. avatar Fletch says:

    If you are going to pick through this diet get your facts right. You have twisted this article around and by doing so you have made yourself look stupid!! Honey is a super food and you are super stupid!!

  11. avatar Robin Dowswell says:

    The New Year brings out many amazing new diets. Just sad that so many are trash. I wrote an article about honey some while back and came to much the same conclusions as you have, Zoe. I do think honey can have advantages over sugar in terms of supporting the local environment and as a topical dressing for wounds. However other than that it is essentially sugar solution!

  12. avatar Tom Welsh says:

    The author even appears unfamiliar with the English language.

    “By substituting sugar for honey throughout the day…”

    From the context, it seems likely this is intended to mean “By substituting honey for sugar throughout the day…” After all, it is the honey diet.

    But the conventional usage of the verb “substitute” is the other way round! Substituting Y for X means replacing X with Y, not vice versa.

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