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  1. avatar PJ says:

    I admit I’m confused. 500 calories a day is not a fast, it’s merely starvation level calories. And unrestricted eating half the time, followed by that, is not necessarily any calorie deficit when averaged per week.

    I don’t think research on actual fasting is appropriate to apply to something that does not involve any actual fasting.

    Let alone which involves binging just before the fast (a nice binge/purge mechanism there — there are many forms of purging, including starvation, exercise, etc.).

    I can see that a binge/purge approach to your weekend, along with ignoring it all week, would probably be very sellable in our culture though!

  2. avatar clark russell says:

    Hi Zoe,

    Happy New Year to you. I hope 2014 is better; the British media are sickening me to death. How can these sill women (sorry, no offense) health editors sleep at night?

    Have you seen this?

    Basically sounds like every other day diet, although I just skimmed over it.

    Kind regards,


  3. avatar Bill Lagakos says:

    Dr. Varady seems surprisingly [refreshingly?] prudent when addressing the question on how ADF might work: “How does it do it? It’s basically the weight loss.”

  4. avatar PhilT says:

    ” But the person who has been researching this for 10 years still can’t “tease apart” the effect of fasting.” – to be fair, she didn’t say she *couldn’t* merely that she *hasn’t*.

    She would need a eucaloric protocol to avoid weight loss, which may be a challenge to achieve if subjects don’t overeat massively on their feed days in an ADF diet. http://ajcn.nutrition.org/content/81/1/69.long tried and failed.

  5. avatar annette says:

    Could you give me feedback on last night’s sugar versus fat on BBC 2.thanks in advance Annette

  6. avatar Zoë says:

    Hi Annette – check this out for now! http://www.drbriffa.com/2014/01/30/my-take-on-the-horizon-documentary-sugar-v-fat/
    One due here any minute also: http://healthinsightuk.org/
    Best wishes – Zoe

  7. avatar Mark says:

    Ok, Varady does not knows the answer. Why? Because she is a scientist.

    By the other side, you may have ALL the answers. Why? you are a marketeer.

    Like atkins, dunkan, sisson, horton, “paleo-it guy”, “ketogenic-that lady”, “crossfit-bith freak”…. all of you, knows well about one answer: making money.

    Varady makes science. She lives in doubt. Its her job.

    PS: dropped 6% body-fat. Gained 4 kg of muscle. i can sprint like a cat. lift like hulk, and see my abs. Thanks Krista. EODD is simple, is effective.

  8. avatar David Jackson says:

    I am now on my 3rd fast day after recently beginning the ADF diet. I have lost 6 pounds already, and already notice that on my feast days that I get fuller quicker, and have less desire to eat more.

    It is easy to follow knowing that it’s based on scientific research, and that settles any worries or misconceptions about whether it may or may not work. Dr Varady has proved through her work that it DOES work, yet is honest enough to admit that she doesn’t quite know EXACTLY why it works.

    Ignore the diet plagiarist Dr Mosley, and do something worthwhile to your body..time is ticking!

  9. avatar Ambika says:

    I have been doing alternative eating days for little over two weeks and I can already see the benefits.. sure the first two fast days were hard but once you get over that it gets much easier.

    On the fast days I make sure that I drink lots of fluids. I normally have black coffee without sugar, 3 cups of green tea with lemon, water etc. I’ve now lost 8 pounds and on days when I eat,I try to eat healthy greens, proteins, good fats, high fibre foods etc. My portion size are also much more sensible so I don’t over eat and I feel full. Also I don’t restrict myself too much; on days when I feel like eating something sweet or a takeout I just eat it. I just make sure that it’s on my eating days. You have to be sensible, if you wanna stick to any diet for a long time. You have to think about food and our body in a realistic manner. We can’t completely get rid of your cravings so once in a while I have a cheat meal. My biggest problem was snacking. I would snack on salty and sweet food which made me put on more than a stone in just few months but now I have much more control over my eating habits. I feel that I have more energy.

    At first I wasn’t sure about this life style but I did a lot of research, looked at lots of youtube videos, websites, forms etc on people that tried this lifestyle or intermittent fast and I feel more secure about this lifestyle. Through my research I found that, for your body to reach the starvation mode you have to restrict your calories severely for long periods of time(little or no food for more than a week or two) which can have damaging effects to your body same with over eating. When we normally eat, we store calories that don’t get used up into fats for future in case our body does not get any fuel. If we don’t use the ‘reserve’ energy (fats) it just accumulates and over time it has negative effect. On fast days by not eating it just makes sure that the fats (reserve energy) gets used up. Also our bodies are built to keep our organs safe and organs are made from muscles so don’t worry too much about muscles wasting just make sure you exercise normally and move about. Your body will not start attacking our muscles just because we haven’t eaten for a day. The fats are first things that shifts.

    Well this my take on it.. I know that there are lots of ways to be healthy and to lose weight but I honestly feel that this lifestyle is for me. I think the most important thing to remember is that everybody is different so your body is going to react differently to different things. So do lots of research and find a healthy lifestyle that suits you.

  10. avatar matt Baker says:

    I agree with David and Mark – EODD works. I’ve lost 1st 10lbs over 2 months and I don’t binge on my feast days. I generally eat normally plus maybe a little more now and then, and the 500 cals on the fast days are easy to meet.
    I’ve switched to black coffee and mint tea and improved my diet of the feast days; less bread, more hoe cooked food and I’ve upped my exercise levels.
    So yes its working and only requires 1 day of willpower and I don’t have to avoid any food types.
    Dr Varady has got it right

  11. avatar Andi says:

    My EODD after 10 months:
    - Weight loss of 13kg
    - BMI 29 to 24
    - waist circumference 103cm to 90cm

    Minimal exercise and heaps of yummy food!

    In fact I hate exercise and love yummy food!

  12. avatar Teresa says:

    I’m really excited about EOD! It’s about savouring and positive eating. I know the mindset from years of being told the importance of regular meals (usually up-sized too) throughout the day etc (which is maybe not suitable or physiologically appropriate) a person may be unsure of EOD.

    I would never usually speak up about a diet- but this one has really changed my life! I was pathologically addicted to food and from years of over-eating and ignoring the true hunger signs this is the ONLY one that seemed to have a chance of success. It’s enjoyable, completely doable and healthy doing it!

    In two weeks I have lost over 7 kgs and feel full of life!

    Maybe people that talk about it should try it perhaps? (:

  13. avatar Ashley says:

    Varady’s point is simple – it is about weight loss and I can speak from personal experience ADF/EODD is much easier to intergrate into my lifestyle and stick to than a regular diet. Last year I lost 24lbs on EODD and it’s still off and I’m down to fasting only 2 days a week to maintain.

    If you read Varady’s input to Eat, Fast and Live Longer, she says clearly the best thing about EODD is people stick to it because the sense of deprivation is minimal.

    In an ideal world people would eat a health balanced diet 7 days a week and no one would be overweight but we are facing a global obesity crisis.

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