6 Responses to “The Academy of Medical Royal Colleges obesity initiative – my submission”

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  1. avatar Mark says:

    I know a large number of people who are overweight or obese, I know of none that eat a low fat diet intentionally. What they do eat is a diet high in processed carbohydrates along with a large amount of fat. They have no idea how much they actually eat, the constituent macronutrients contained, the caloric value and most don’t care.

    What I do agree is that almost all think that fat is bad, so when attempting to lose weight they focus on fat consumption as they have been taught, and as we know they fail. They also have been programmed from many directions to think that high intensity exercise must be coupled with low fat high carb diets to lose weight, no wonder they don’t try long or even attempt to lose weight. (The show “The Biggest Loser” is an atrocity)

    We will have to retrain the brains of the entire medical community along with the entire dietician community before we can begin to retrain the entire lay community. And the more ironic thing is that we can conduct the science, but finding those that will do so without the preconceived bias is difficult as we see with the more recent studies of the past few weeks. I for one am ready for a more aggressive and unbiased look at the lipid hypotheses and maybe then we can go forward with a more reasoned discussion. It’s unknowingly happening with the continued look at Mediterranean diets, which are high fat diets and not as low in saturated fat as they try to make them out to be.

  2. avatar Carolyn Cooper says:

    Well said Zoe and about time too. Let’s hope that the people at the top finally listen to some common sense about food and obesity. It is all so simple really isn’t it?
    The big question is whether the food companies will be willing to change – but if enough people get the message that processed food is harmful, they may just have to change. Let’s also hope that the aforementioned health authorities listen to the message and begin to realise that everything they have advocated previously has been wrong and that they have the courage to send out the right and moral message to the world.
    It sickens me seeing so many people stuffing themselves with rubbish now – even though I used to do it myself – and I feel sad for young children who are fed garbage and for their parents who are wrongly educated about food.
    Thanks Zoe!

  3. avatar Phyllis Mueller says:

    Eloquent! Thank you for posting this.

  4. avatar Kat Posell says:

    Excellent. There’s so much info out there about how the calories in/out myth is wrong, that low-fat eating is wrong (for most people), and that only a small fraction of dieters are successful long-term, but people still believe it. Hopefully, with the help of people like you, eventually the truth will get out to the mainstream and doctors will stop giving people bad advice.

  5. avatar Elaine Hamnett says:


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