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  1. avatar Marianne says:


    This CNN article points out the obvious – American’s diet changed for the worse suddenly in 1980, and shows a new study comparing 16 peer countries’ life expectancy… yet the author places the blame on the American health care system along with other non-diet related causes. Clearly there are serious issues with that, however, there is no mention of diet being the cause of a lower life expectancy in States than in 27 other countries.


    Hope you find this an interesting read.


    • avatar Zoë says:

      Hi Marianne – great find! I’ll tweet this – dismissed with the usual “there are lots of causes” excuse. One massive one stands out though eh?!
      Many thanks for this – Zoe

  2. Peter Attia also did a good breakdown of this review. His point was, that in almost every paper (more than 90% of the patients) the low-fat dieters were given ongoing support, the controls got none. You would expect the people who were supported and encouraged to do a bit better than the people who were ignored with any diet.

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