4 Responses to “The BDA attacks diets, but what about theirs?”

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  1. It’s called the Dieter’s Paradox. The reader picks up the subconscious message that eating a little asparagus, or such, will somehow compensate for all the days bad, BDA approved, food choices.
    Consequently calories from salad and such – healthy “superfoods” – are often just EXTRA calories added to a worse-than-before diet.

  2. avatar fredt says:

    Fresh asparagus and store asparagus are two different animals. To keep asparagus, stand it up with the cut end in sugar water. OK. That is the difference.

  3. avatar Jessica says:

    And I liked the other article they linked with this – about how asparegus helps diabetes? Apparently, it causes the body to release more insulin. Thanks a lot. The very LAST thing an insulin resistant diabetic needs is MORE insulin. Hello weight gain!

  4. avatar Becky says:

    Ah yes the OMG diet – saw the book the other day, had a quick flick through and was comforted to find it was ‘anti carb’ though I certainly don’t want to be skinnier than my friends, thanks!!!

    I can’t take anything published in the Daily Fail seriously, tbh…they are obsessed with making womwn feel inferior and ugly, but now you’ve alerted me, I may have to go and read the article, I need a good laugh…

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