4 Responses to “Avocado diet ‘triples chance of success’ for couples undergoing IVF”

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  1. avatar CH says:

    You are erroneously comparing 100g of olive oil to 100g of steak and pork chops. 100g of olive oil is 6-7 Tbsp; that’s a ton of olive oil. 100g of steak is a couple of bites. So, yes, steak can be bad because someone will eat 300g at once, while olive oil is good, because someone might eat 14g in a meal. You need some fat in your diet. Get it from olive oil, not steak.

  2. avatar Brian says:

    Zoe, first off I’ve just recently found this blog and have been loving reading it. I’ve been learning a lot from you! The only thing so far that seems to bother me is the Pork Vs. Olive Oil point that you make often.

    I totally understand the underlying point. Eating pork is no less healthy than eating olive oil. They both contain all three fats, so to claim one is “better” than the other is irresponsible. Fats are good!

    Where I have a slight problem is with the way that you get this point across. By simply taking the default serving sizes of the USDA (100g) you are tipping the scales and being sneaky in order to drive home the point.

    100g of Olive Oil is about 7 Tbsp. I eat 2 cups of salad a day and to cover it generously (in order to be tasty and full of fat for my ketogenic diet) I need 3 Tbsp of Olive Oil and 1 Tbsp of Balsamic Vinegar. That seems to really saturate the salad. 7 Tbsp of Olive Oil is just downright gross to consider a “serving” in the same respect that 100g of Pork. I can’t imagine anyone eating that much oil at one sitting (typically what “serving” implies).

    In 100g of Pork, as per your source, there is 4.2g of Total Fat. In a typical (1) serving of Olive Oil – 14g – there is obviously 14 g of total fat. When you break down the individual fats in each. Pork still wins at having less Saturated fat and Less PUSF. Of course Olive Oil wins for having more MUSF. This still gets your point across, though I understand why it doesn’t work as well as the 100g vs. 100g way you’ve been doing which I hope you would admit IS misleading. I’d even let you slide with 42g of Olive Oil (my typical (3) serving size for my salad). Which would drive home your point even further, still without being misleading.

    Break it down even further and compare 4g of Olive Oil to the 4g in a Pork Chop and this is where your point begins to fall apart as now the Pork has more Saturated Fat, still less MUSF, and equal PUSF. HOWEVER, this is almost as unrealistic as the 100g Vs. 100g model because 4g of Olive Oil wouldn’t cover a single spinach leaf!

    I’m not trying to play “investigative journalist” and bust you. Once I read this fact on your knowledge page I have been regurgitating it to everyone who crosses my path! Just for my own sake I needed to know how accurate this fact was so I did some personal research. And I’m bringing it up to you so you can clarify and hopefully agree that I am at least making sense. Or, if I’m missing something, you can tell me so I learn something new, which is always a great thing!


    • avatar Zoë says:

      Hi Brian – when comparing a number of foods – as this article does – the fairest way is to compare equivalent weights of product – i.e. 100g to keep the maths simple. We don’t eat 100g of butter in a fortnight so the same argument applies to the more demonised food!

      I’ve had this argument before – we don’t eat 100g of olive oil so I’ve started using this comment in radio interviews: “There’s more saturated fat in a table spoon of olive oil than in a 100g pork chop – and more than three times the fat in total.” I agree with you this is a more powerful and realistic point but I need to have a consistent basis if comparing a number of foods.

      Smart people like you know that fat isn’t a problem anyway so this is more about reaching people on their own turf who think that olive oil is great and red meat is bad. They do not know the facts!

      Keep spreading the words and thanks so much for your support
      Best wishes – Zoe

  3. Great article Zoe, always grateful to those who spend the time fact checking and share the results.

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